Testimonials and Endorsements


Natalie did a superb job for us! She is a true professional, always responsive to her clients' needs and concerns, and we could rely on her expertise with every aspect of the sale of our home. From the murky depths of the pool of realtors, Natalie always rises to the top! Thanks so much Natalie!


Gloria Parra


It is not often I feel compelled to take the time to write a testimonial. In todays world, most people treat business transactions as a means to an end. In other words, this is what they do to make money.


Natalie - on the other hand - chooses to use her profession as a Realtor to generate real world relationships that are based on integrity, trust and, most importantly, friendship.


What first seemed to me as the arduous task of selling a home in an unstable market resulted in a friendship that will last forever. Natalie was not only successful in selling my home, but she exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the process. 


Scott Grimes, Kraft Foods


We love Natalie! Natalie really went above and beyond for us and she spent so much time making sure we understood all the steps.  It was a chaotic sale - because of lots of factors out of our control and Natalie was great at helping us stay calm and reassuring us of the process.  Wonderful!  Thank you!


Melissa Sale and Ruby Geuvarra 


We really enjoyed working with Natalie. She listened to what we asked for and gave it. She had good contacts with lenders and other people in the business which helped make our buying experience enjoyable. We would definitely use Natalie again.


Jeff and Sonja Reichenberg


We met Natalie at an open house and instantly felt comfortable with her. She an amazing knowledge of the Tri-Valley area. Throughout the process, Natalie was always patient, considerate, and available to answer our many questions. We could not have asked for more in a Realtor and would recommend her very highly to anyone buying or selling. Our most heart-felt thanks to Natalie!


John and Jeanna Schnurbusch

Natalie's easy to work with and makes the whole buying experience go smoothly. Natalie took care of everything we needed and far exceeded any expectations we had!
Steve and Laura Groneberg
Natalie's fabulous, and we will recommend her to everyone we know!
Sam and Victoria Perry  
Natalie's real estate service is always friendly, honest, knowledgeable, efficient and much, much more.  I have nothing but positive things to say about you and your work ethic.  Thank you so much for taking the time to submit the necessary documents to have my house reduced by $10,000! 

Your persistent telephone follow-ups and consoling conversations helped me get through that rough time.  You need to advertise the fact that you are an EXPERT in processing bank owned properties and have a reliable list of resources to get you through it.


I will keep in touch.  We will probably meet again at pool side with our daughters!


Maria Parish    

Let me just share a bit of my experience prior to working with Natalie Swanson. My wife and I are also first time home buyers and we didnt really feel comfortable dealing with any of the agents that we worked with. We were lied to, pressured and misled into thinking that we could buy into a home that was simply out of our reach financially. To us it was the classic used car salesman approach so we really lost hope for quit sometime. Then we worked with Natalie, and at first we were nervous and very skeptical, but let me tell you that our concerns were very short lived. Natalie is not going to pressure anyone to make a sale. She will build a relationship with you and look out for your best interest. Natalie does a stellar job at being proactive and will work hard to help you. Natalie always has clear concise answers and when she doesnt she will not make up anything. She will research your question or concern and find the right answer for you. You will not be led on in any way. I encourage you to work with Natalie as first time home buyers you will not regret it! Natalie is awesome!! We have a very nice home and without Natalie and Matt it wouldnt be possible.


Matt is my broker as well and he is the best. He will work hard for you to ensure that you get a loan at an affordable rate. He also does an excellent job in communicating with Natalie and you as the buyer to ensure that everything will go smooth and work out as planned. As an endnote Matt and Natalie together will move mountains to get the job done and you wont feel like they are just out to make a cut.


I am so confident in Matt and Natalie that if you have any further questions or concern you can call me personally and I will answer all that I can in regard to Matt and Natalie."


-Jason Hall



I have been meaning to e-mail you for awhile now and am sorry that things have been so busy with our new home. I've been wanting to let you know how wonderful you were to us and what a positive experience it was purchasing our first home.


From the beginning you treated us with respect, dignity, and were extremely professional. I am thankful that Matt Hergert recommended you.


When we first were looking we thought we would qualify for a home under the $500k mark. Even though they were lower priced, you spent a lot of time showing us homes. I appreciated that you listened to our top concerns which were price, size, location and schools.


We ended up qualifying for a loan up to $600k and we let you know our comfort zone with price. At no time did you try to sway us from our decision of not wanting to go much higher than $550k. Your willingness to work with us was your primary concern. We trusted your judgment and you helped us tremendously.


We had chosen to view a couple of homes above our zone and I fell in love with the Sonoma Court home. It was everything we could have wanted.


Your ability to work with the seller's agent and get us a great deal was exemplary.Negotiating an unprecedented closing cost percentage of 6% was the icing on the cake. You understood our financial situation and were able to maximize it. Without your expertise we would not have been able to purchase the house we are making our home. We could not have done this without you.


We have felt blessed to have you as our realtor and Matt Hergert as our broker. We were in the best hands possible. The two of you worked together seamlessly. 


You can tell that you love and enjoy your job. I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to purchase a home. Your integrity comes through at every stage. From looking for a home to negotiating a close. You are the FULL MONTE!


Thank you so much for everything you did for us. I can't wait to invite you over for a barbeque once we are settled in a bit more.


Have a wondeful week!

Katrina Kuzniuk

Jesse Hover


I wanted to thank you so much for all your efforts toward the successful sale of my property on Diamond Drive in Livermore in June of 2007.


From the very beginning you were up front with information that I needed to make the sale as quick and uncomplicated as possible. I appreciated that you sent in a professional stager to help me let go of personal items and decorations that might distract a potential buyer. It was a good experience and she had some very interesting and creative ideas that transformed my house into a clean and inviting space. As a result, we had an offer in less than a week. 


You were always available to answer the MANY questions I threw at you, and you most often came over to my house with any paperwork that needed to be sighed, rather than asking me to meet you at your office. This gesture saved me valuable time so I could continue to pack the seemingly endless amount of my belongings in preparation for the inevitable moving day.


In spite of the fact that I told you I was not going to start looking for a new residence until I had closed the Diamond Drive property, I did find a duet in Spring Valley, and even though it needed some work and did not have an air conditioner, I made an offer which was accepted, and started making plans to move.


After continuing to investigate the market, I realized that I had made a hasty decision when I discovered another duet in the neighborhood that had been recently remodeled and included air conditioning, I called you for advice on how to change direction. You were so helpful and not at all upset with me. We immediately backed out of the original offer and moved forward on the second property. Your advice throughout this process was invaluable.


I am now very happy in my new home. I have three times the yard space, new appliances and kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors and air conditioning for a few thousand more.


I cannot thank you enough for all your help, advice, good judgment and attention to detail. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a real estate professional. You are the best!


Karen Lindsay 

Golf Drive

Livermore, CA

Thanks for getting me into my new home.  You took care of every detail along the way, and were extremely helpful and positive with everything. Very much appreciated!
Jon Beechick
You're the Best!  I knew I was making the right decision when I chose you as my real estate rep...but I  did not expect the outstanding level of friendly help you provided.
Thank You,
Karen Lindsay
Thank you for assisting us in the sale of your home.  We really appreciate all of your insight, advise and hard work.  Looking forward to working with you again.
Bjorn and Laura Hamel