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From the Heart:

Failure Is OK - Quitting Isn’t

I consider myself to be fairly successful in life, at least when it comes to making a living and living a good life. I've worked hard, been smart, and pushed when the going got tough. I’ve had rough times...
maybe or maybe not as rough as you’ve had, but I’ve learned that success isn't a straight road, and that along the way, there can be a lot of bumps and potholes.
But I believe that to live a satisfying life, quitting isn’t an option, no matter how bumpy the road gets. I’m not even sure what quitting would look like, but possibly it’s an attitude as much as anything real. You might be familiar with the quote by Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, who said: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." His attitude wasn’t one of quitting. It was one of dogged persistence.
I think one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the capacity to endure failure, the strength to persevere, and the occasional tough love they need so that they aren't allowed to quit...so that they learn to recognize the capacity for perseverance within themselves.
So, as I look back on the first trimester of 2018, I'm satisfied that it’s been successful so far. I've learned things I didn't know before, and am a better person—and a better consultant for it. Each day I learn more and will keep learning, getting better and wiser at what I do. 
Thanks to you who have been part of my success—by letting me help you succeed in reaching your goals, too.
~ with Kind Regards, Natalie Swanson

7 Cracks Where Home Buyers Lose Money
A mortgage is the biggest debt most of us will ever have. Because the numbers are so big, thousands of dollars can easily slip away without a borrower ever noticing. Click below to learn how to plug these 7 money-draining cracks.
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My Advice

Can a seller escrow money for a buyer to pay for repairs after closing?

Yes that is possible and not uncommon. A seller will often deposit the money in an escrow account so that closing can continue, even before necessary repairs are made. Other ways that repairs are handled include:
  • The seller reducing the price of the home by the repair amount (provided the buyer is able and willing to foot the repair bill out of his own pocket after closing).
  • The seller cutting a check to the buyer directly for repairs (not recommended).
  • The seller paying directly to the contractors for the repairs to be done (can take more time and delay closing).
The reason a seller might choose, or be required to escrow funds with a Realtor, escrow company, lender, or attorney are varied. The most common reason is that the repair is required by the lender. The closing can go forward, and the lender can be reassured the repairs will be made and the investment secure. Typically the money is disbursed directly to the professional doing the repairs, and any leftover credit is returned to the seller.

Thank You Friends!

Thank You to all of our clients who’ve trusted us to serve them, and who have referred their friends, family and co-workers.
Special thanks to...
Andrew and Amanda Hamel
Rex and Moriah 
Kurt Wolf and Abbey Carpet 

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It's easy to win! Find this month's quiz question further down in this newsletter, then email your answer! Last month's Q&A:
  • Question: Which character is first to speak in the original “Star Wars” movie?
  • Answer: C3PO. 
Congratulations to last month's winner!
 Michele Macmartin

April Quiz Question

What is special about this series of numbers: 8591730 
(Hint: It’s not a math problem!)
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Exploring Active Retirement Communities? 
Watch Out for these Red Flags

Are you—or do you know—someone thinking about moving to an Active Adult Community in the next 10 years? If so, then it pays to know the red flags that signal the need for a deeper look when evaluating communities:

1. Deferred Maintenance. If the community is not in tip-top shape, ask about plans for repairs. Costs may rise if there are a lot of repairs needed. Ask about recent and planned assessments for major repair costs.

2. A Land Lease. With a lease, yearly rent increases can cripple your budget. Decide if increases are modest enough. If not a lease, find out what structure your ownership takes and your family’s estate consequences.

3. A dysfunctional HOA. A good or bad HOA can make or break your experience. Does the HOA have a history of contention? Are they well-funded? Are many owners in arrears? Does the board seem unable to come to agreement (review meeting minutes)? 

4. HOA restrictions are a poor match. What one person feels is important, another might not—like restrictions on the exterior color of a home. Evaluate restrictions to see if you'll be able to live the lifestyle you want.

Natalie has her Seniors Real Estate Specialist®  (SRES) designation from the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council of the National Association of Realtors®. The course helps in understanding the needs, considerations, and goals of real estate buyers and sellers aged 55 and older. She can help you make decisions whether you are buying, selling, relocating or refinancing.
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715 Joyce St.
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1,964 sq. ft.
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620 Catalina Drive, Livermore CA 94550
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1,798 Sq Ft, Lot Size 7,137 Sq Ft

5321 Celeste Ave., Livermore CA 94550
Beds 2, Baths 2,
967 Sq Ft Lot Size 7,079 Sq Ft

Some Colors Go Together Better than Others

Here’s Why...
Both science and and conventional color wisdom say that colors on opposite sides of a color wheel—complementary colors—look good together in home decor.

The most common sets of complementary colors are red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue, derived from the Red-Yellow-Blue color model.

If you use a different color model, you'll get different sets of complementary colors. For instance, in the additive color model, the complements are green and magenta, red and cyan, and blue and yellow. (IKEA, anyone?)
Complementary colors work because different types of cones (photoreceptor cells) in your eye perceive different colors of light. If you stare at a block of color and then quickly look at a white wall, you'll see a faint afterimage in the complementary color. For instance, if you stare at a blue square, after a while the cells in your eye that process blue light will become fatigued, making the signal they send to your brain weaker. Since that part of the visual spectrum is suppressed, when you look at a white wall after staring at the blue square, you'll see a faint orange afterimage—the complimentary color.

So what does this mean for your decor? It means that combinations of primary and complementary colors are dynamic together. Choose a color model to start with, then pick a complementary pair to decorate around.
"Create Your Own Lifestyle"
Not sure how a certain style of flooring will look like in your space, use our Room Visualizer feature to test it out. Choose your room, your flooring and see your results before you make your decision!
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We held our Spring Business Mixer on March 21st at the First Street Wine Company in Livermore. Thank You each and everyone for attending and making this event a huge success. We were glad to see you all. Congratulations to the raffle prize winners! Cheers!!

April 14th, 2018
11am - 4pm

By Private Invitation Only


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