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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Is...

Paul was driving home from work on Friday when he realized that Sunday was Mother’s Day. His mother was a couple of hours drive away, and he hadn’t put a card in the mail or made any plans whatsoever.
He drove to a flower shop to order a bouquet to be sent to her. Outside the store a girl sat on the sidewalk sobbing.
“Are you OK?” he asked the girl.
Wiping the tears from her eyes, she told him that she wanted to buy a rose for her mother but didn’t have enough money. The tears welled in her eyes again.
“Don’t cry,” Paul said. “I’m going to buy my mom some flowers, so why don’t I buy one for your mom, too?”
When they walked out of the shop, the girl thanked Paul and then ran across the street toward a nearby church. Paul watched as the girl ran past the church and into the small cemetery next to it. She laid the flower on a headstone and then sat down at the gravesite.
Now it was Paul who stood outside of the flower shop with tears moistening his eyes. He turned and went back inside to cancel his order. Minutes later, he walked out of the flower shop with a beautiful arrangement that he placed on the passenger seat of his car. He then drove the 150 miles to deliver the flowers to his mother.


Sharing this really cute video. 
In honor of Mother's Day, kids tell us what they love about their moms and what they are most grateful for. Check out their heartwarming responses in this video.
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Thank You Friends!

Thank You to all of our clients who’ve trusted us to serve them, and who have referred their friends, family and co-workers.
Special thanks to...
Rex Blodgett and Moriah Tenney
Dennis and Jodell Bohl
Audrey Makris

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6 Intriguing Startups for 2018

Fledgling companies need seed capital to grow, and each year the company Y Combinator holds demo days where new businesses present their products “Shark Tank style” to receive funding. Past demo days have featured Stripe, Dropbox, and Airbnb. A recent demo day, W18, showcased 141 new companies from 23 countries. Here are six ideas that looked particularly interesting.
  1. Sudden Coffee makes instant coffee without requiring boiling water, and that tastes "better than fresh Starbucks.” They claim 8 of 10 coffee drinkers chose Sudden over Starbucks in blind taste tests.
  2. Orangewood Labs uses 3D printer-style wood-cutting robots to make on-demand furniture. Orangewood crowdsources 3D designs which it can tweak into different styles, colors, and sizes.
  3. Piccolo wants you to control your smarthome with gestures. Point at a light to turn it on, control a video on your TV by waving your hand, etc. The company uses a smart camera to map a user's skeletal geometry.
  4. Voicery synthesizes ultra-realistic computer voices that use natural emotion and inflection. They analyze human voices to train deep neural networks to sound authentic, rather than trying to train a computer to mimic voices.
  5. Ovipost wants to turn cricket farming from an art into a science. By working to optimize hatching and egg yield, they want to lower the labor costs to produce crickets, which can be used as a consumer food source or feed.
  6. Storyline makes it easier for people to build content apps (called skills) for the Alexa platform without any coding. Storyline apps already have 180 thousand monthly active users across 500 apps.

Unusual self-staging secrets that work whether you're selling or not.

Staging means more than adding new furnishings to your home. Staging means understanding the psychology of what makes a home feel livable, and using those underlying secrets to your own advantage.
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For Fun:

If It Walks Like a Duck

A duck walked into a bar and ordered a beer and a sandwich. The barman cried out, “But you’re a duck!”

“I see your eyes are working,” replied the duck.

“And you can talk!” exclaimed the barman, amazed.

“I see your ears are working, too. Now how about that beer and sandwich?”

“Sorry, right away.” The barman placed the order and poured a beer. “It’s just that we don’t get many talking ducks in here. What brings you in today?”

“I’m a plumber, working that construction site.” The duck flipped his wing towards the window behind him, then dipped his bill in his beer.

The barman watched for a moment, then said, “You know, the circus is in town. I bet they’d love to hire a duck like you.”

“Really?” the duck said. “What do they need with a plumber?”
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Now Trending: Micro Homes...How Small Can We Go?

The tiny home movement, which has been burgeoning for the past few years, is experiencing growing pains. A tiny home is usually just 300 to 450 square feet, and many who try this lifestyle realize that’s just too small. The result is that gradually tiny homes have been trending larger, to the size of small apartments at around 600 square feet.

But there is a segment of the trend that's going the opposite direction—even smaller, to as little as 60 square feet! These micro houses are pushing the envelope inward.

It makes you wonder why someone doesn't just buy a van or a small camping trailer. Some people do just that. But others want the challenge of building their own home, so they build the entire thing from wood or other scraps and cast-off items, including sterilized dumpsters and backyard garden sheds.

The micro-living idea seems to be more about the challenge of building with found items, rather than needing a place to live.
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