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On a Personal Note
With Gratitude...

This is the time of year when we turn our thoughts to gathering with friends and family to share gifts and give thanks. But did you know that the benefits of sharing thanks go way beyond mere politeness?

Studies show that consciously practicing gratitude has a huge impact on quality of life. Dr. Robert Emmons at UC Davis offers proof:
  • Participants who kept weekly gratitude journals exercised more, reported fewer physical ailments, had higher self esteem, and were more optimistic compared to people who didn’t keep journals.
  • Participants who kept weekly gratitude journals were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals.
  • A daily gratitude exercise for young adults resulted in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy, compared to groups that focused on hassles or social comparison.

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  • Last month’s question: The word September comes from the Latin root for what number?
  • Answer: Seven. September used to be the seventh month in the old calendar.
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Angela Ornelas

November Quiz Question

What is a group of domestic turkeys called?
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Thank You Friends!

Thank you to all my friends who've trusted me to help them and their friends, family, & co-workers. Special thanks this month to...
Chris Davenport, Brian Steele, Daniel Belena and Dennis & Kelli Bell
The October 2017 Real Estate Weather Report features statistics and analysis about real estate activity during September 2017 in the East Bay. It compares market activity during September 2017 with September 2016. The information provided in this video is based in whole or in part on data supplied by the Bay East Association of REALTORS® or its Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Featured Listing

542 Lorren Way
Livermore CA 94550
4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
1,602 sq. ft.
Lot Size 6,833 sq. ft.

Completely remodeled. Turn-key and gorgeous. Easy freeway access, close to downtown, hiking and biking trails. Easy freeway access, close to downtown, hiking and biking trails.

Coming Soon!

 1633 Peridot Drive Livermore, CA 94550
5 Bedrooms, 3 Baths 2,837 Sq. Ft. Lot Size 8,463 Sq. Ft.

7646 Arbor Creek Circle Dublin CA 94568
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths 1,227sq. ft. Lot Size 5,073 sq. ft.

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The 9 Most Common Home Buyer QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

Whether you’re a 1st time buyer or a 4th time buyer, the questions are the same. Here’s a quick guide that can help you see the whole picture.
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Maureen Torrento
Sr. Loan Consultant
2300 First Street, Suite 350 Livermore CA 94550
NMLS ID 26709

Should I prepay my mortgage or build cash reserves?

Generally, if you’re a younger homeowner, you’re more likely to be moving again before settling on your permanent residence, so you will benefit less from prepaying a mortgage (unless you plan to stay put). But as you age, you'll want to enjoy financial security, and you can't do that with a hefty mortgage payment. So if you’re a homeowner in your middle-years, you may benefit more from prepaying your mortgage than saving up cash reserves. If you can pay your home off early, you may be able to enjoy many decades of mortgage-free lifestyle.

Having big cash reserves may seem like a great idea if the stock market crashes and you find yourself short of money. But if you've been prepaying your mortgage, then you have options that you don't have with cash. You can refinance to reduce payments, take a home equity line for quick cash, or sell. If you chose to focus on cash reserves, then in the case of a stock market crash, you’d have cash, but you’d still be stuck with the same high mortgage payment, and less equity.

But don’t take my word for it...everyone’s situation is unique, so please check with your accountant before deciding your best course of action!

LED Magic

Unlike traditional bulbs, which last less than 2,000 hours before needing replacement, LED lights can burn for tens of thousands of hours uninterrupted. Not only do they last much longer than other light bulbs, but they consume 90% less energy and, because they are manufactured without mercury or other toxic substances, at the end of their useful life they are 100% recyclable. In addition to the environmental benefits, the low voltage required to operate LEDs and their reliable construction makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even in the most extreme climates in a variety of forms. Here are some creative uses of LED light strips around the home:

Story: Check Back in a Year

A businessman was sad that his business was failing. He sat in the park to think of some way to save his company from bankruptcy. An old man came and sat next to him and said, “I can see that something is troubling you.”

The businessman opened up about his problems. The old man listened patiently. When the businessman was finished, the old man said, “I believe I can help you.” He put his hand in his pocket and took out a check book. He wrote a check and said, “Take this money. Meet me here exactly one year from today and you can pay be back then.”

After handing over the check, the old man got up and walked away. The businessman looked at the check and saw that it was for $500,000. The signature was Warren Buffet.

The businessman realized that with half a million dollars in capital, he could easily float his business. But he decided to put the check in his safe and use it only in case of emergency.

With the check in his safe, the businessman found he was able to think clearer and negotiate better deals. He started reconstructing his business, and eventually started to turn it around.

A year passed, and as promised, the businessman returned to the park. As agreed, the old man also appeared. The businessman started to hand back the check that he had never cashed.

At that moment, a nurse came running up and grabbed old man's hand. She apologized to the businessman. “I am so glad I caught him in time. He's always telling people he's Warren Buffet and writing them checks.” She led the old man away, leaving the businessman gaping.

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