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Don’t Get Hung Out to Dry When Buying a Home

As much as we try to make real estate transactions go flawlessly, they occasionally don’t go according to plan. There could be un-solvable flaws in the condition of the home, the appraisal might be low, the bank could refuse to fund the loan, or any of a hundred other strange situations. Any of these could delay or even cancel your closing. When that happens, buyers suddenly find themselves having to revise their carefully laid plans. They might have to rearrange movers, renegotiate with a landlord, get temporary housing, change financing plans, find a place to store their furniture, and more. As a real estate consultant, I don’t ever want a transaction to fall apart…but if it does, I want my clients to be prepared. For that reason, I suggest creating back-up plans based on likely scenarios for your situation. For instance, if you are buying a fixer, what kinds of problems can you prepare for in the inspection? If you won a competitive bid, what will you do if the appraisal comes in low?
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Thank you to all my friends who've trusted me to help them and their friends, family, & co-workers. Special thanks this month to...
Jennifer Boyd, Jose & Cecilia Zepeda, and Steven Travino

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2443 Normandy Circle
Livermore CA 94550

5 Bedrooms, 3 Baths 2,730 sq ft
Lot Size 12,300 sq ft

Elegant home with a substantially large lot! Very clean! Great as is move in. Easy freeway access and close to downtown, hiking and biking.

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Van Dwelling — It’s Not for Everyone

There is a growing trend towards living in tiny homes, RV's and vans. Among these, vans are the tiniest, giving enthusiasts the most freedom. They’re free to travel the (contiguous) world, free of rent, and mostly free of responsibility. But, when contemplating a van lifestyle, several questions pop into mind:

Where do you go to the bathroom? Dwellers use bottles and public bathrooms, or have small chemical toilets which they avoid using except for emergencies.

Where do you shower? You don't shower daily. If you live in one city, you can get a gym membership. Truck stops offer showers for $10. Other than that, you use wet wipes or pour water on yourself.

What do you do for internet access? Many van dwellers are digital entrepreneurs, earning a living while on the road. They get by on free wifi from coffee shops and libraries.

Is this legal? If you pay to stay at a campsite, it’s legal, but expensive. If you park on the streets, it’s generally illegal. The burden of having to move constantly and be on the lookout for police appears to be one of the biggest reasons people ultimately abandon van living.

Is it lonely? Apparently. Along with the burden of finding a place to park, being alone to often is another of the main reasons people abandon van dwelling.

Isn’t van dwelling another word for bum? Not at all, at least in the minds of the dwellers. It’s not as cheap as you might think, most dwellers earn a decent income, and for most it’s entirely voluntary.

30 year fixed
7/1 or 5/1 ARM
20% down payment

Loan limit in Alameda County is $636,150
Maureen Torrento
Sr. Loan Consultant
2300 First Street, Suite 350 Livermore CA 94550
NMLS ID 26709

Just for Fun: The Joys of Growing Old Together

An elderly husband and wife noticed that they were beginning to forget little things around the house. They decided to see their physician to get help. She told them that many people their age find it useful to write themselves little notes as reminders.
The couple thought this sounded wonderful, and left the doctor's office very pleased with the advice.

When they got home, the wife said, "Dear, will you please go to the kitchen and get me a dish of ice cream with some strawberries? Now, better write that down, because I know you'll forget."

"Don't be silly," replied the husband. "A dish of ice cream and some strawberries. I can remember that between here and the kitchen!"

"OK, dear, but please also add some whipped cream on top. Now you'd really better write it down. You'll forget," said the wife.

"My memory's not that bad," said the husband.

And with that, he shut the kitchen door behind him. The wife could hear him banging pots and pans, a noise inconsistent with making a dish of ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream.

He emerged 15 minutes later, walked over to his wife, and presented her with a plate of bacon and eggs.

The wife looked at the plate, then glanced at her husband and said, "See, you forgot my toast!"
"Create Your Own Lifestyle"
In the summer, your flooring can take a beating from the wear and tear of activities such as family visits, cookouts, and children home from school all day. Fortunately, if you follow a few flooring care helpful hints you can protect it. 
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Gary Wolfe
O - 925 443 8300
C - 925-570-5833
34 South P Street
Livermore, CA 94550
Carpet . Hardwood . Vinyl . Tile & Stone . Binding Services . Luxury Vinyl Tile


Use the “Auction Effect” to Sell Your House Faster

Everyone knows what an auction is — bidders place bids and the highest bids wins. Auctions create energy and excitement and cause things to sell on the spur of the moment. What if you could sell your house using the energy of an auction without having to do an actual auction?
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